Belgian Hell-Raising Grunge Force PEUK Smashes All Your Demons…

PEUK – Nosta Club, Opwijk, Belgium – 1 May 2019

Great news for all those mortals among us who feel like being chased by their worst nightmares, for those who think that deranged dynamics drive them crazy, for those
who have no clue how to ventilate their hellish anger, for those who think their soul is confiscated by evil powers and for those who can’t control their fucked up minds.

Just listen to Belgium’s kamikaze trio PEUK, led by the young awesome frontwoman Nele. This crushing 3-headed steamroller can solve all your psychic problems as long as you’re ready to sell your soul to them and open the front door of your messed-up mind in order to absorb Nele‘s insane and exorcistic primal screams – the range of her voice is beyond normality – and the surrounding hell-raising grunge assaults. It’s not the first time Turn Up The Volume! witnessed PEUK going entirely bananas. It’s like experiencing Armageddon time! Ominous, doomy and tumultuous. And LOUD enough to smash all of your demons. Hell yeah! Here’s a deafening idea of their red-hot-blooded force…

Now get your copy of their rad debut album
right here and free your poor troubled mind…

Picture this

Glass breaking voice

Cave girl

PEUK: Facebook / Pics by Turn Up The Volume!

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