Brutal Pop Duo SUN Turns Up The Heat With Metallic Debut Smack ‘HIGHER FIRE’…

9 May 2019

Band: SUN

A band “born from the ashes of fate, when effervescent frontwoman, Karoline Rose, had a chance meeting with metronomic metal drummer, Vincent Kreyder, at a festival she was performing at. Hitting it off immediately, the pair combined their love of dark, atmospheric metal music with the bright, shimmering sensibilities of pop music.”

Track: HIGHER FIVE – debut single

Score: Scary. Hellish. Robust. And terrifyingly SCREAMY. Oh my, oh my, singer Karoline Rose‘s vox has an all-destroying range to break all windows in your neighborhood into a thousand pieces. This duo’s metallic smack is a shattering sledgehammer. One minute they sound power poppy, next they act like they wanna tear down all walls coming their way. A power eruption for trained headbangers. Here’s the fire…

SUN: Facebook

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