Swedish Outfit GREAT HARE Shares New Amplified Pop Gem ‘CARRY ON’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

13 May 2019


Who: “A band formed back in 2010 in Gothenburg, Sweden with four musicians having
a past of different musical projects, some quite successful others long forgotten. Due to repeated encounters with wild bunnies outside the studio, the band was named ‘Great
Hare’ after a Native American trickster god. A cramped loft was turned into a simple
rehearsal and recording studio and ‘Great Hare started to play…”

Track: CARRY ON – new single

Score: This brand new single is another notable example of this band’s skilled craft for writing amplified pop songs that keep on echoing in your head after a couple of listens. Jingle jangle guitars, a solid drum/bass beat and impassioned, thoughtful vocals about
our daily life’s reality all come harmoniously together at one point creating a dynamic, warm-hearted and ardent resonance. The electrifying pop swagger of ‘Carry On‘ will
trigger your aural sensors all the way. Absorb the energetic feel right here…

GREAT HARE: Facebook – Bandcamp

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