Artists That Influenced The Sparkling Debut EP By Belgian Synth Pop Act TURQUOISE…

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18 May 2019

A couple of weeks ago Turn Up The Volume got really charmed by the tantalizing, self-titled 4-track debut EP by Brussels-based synth-pop quartet TURQUOISE, led by the sensuous vox of Sarah Boom. Their sonic influences come from several decades and several artists, but the musical excellence and strength of this foursome lays in the seemingly simple, yet extremely difficult talent and inventiveness of writing alluring and fetching songs, creating infectious tunes that make hearts and souls glow, that put a smile on people’s faces.

Last Thursday I saw the band perform live for the first time. In my hometown Ghent they showed with flair that they’re not just a studio exploring project, but an ambitious team of musicians that aims to take their electronic musings to another vivid level than on record once they step up a podium. And they succeeded tremendously well with old, present and new work.

It triggered me afterward to listen to the fresh EP and the artists that influenced
its four cuts another couple of times and share my aural impressions right here…

The flourishing opener that will make your heartbeat jump for joy has the dancey dynamics of 80s British duo Erasure, a Sisters Of Mercy drumbeat and resonates
vocally like legendary French singer/actress Jane Birkin. Beatific score.

A reflective and starry-eyed, atmospheric Cocteau Twins soundscape colored
with blissful synths and glimmering guitar touches turning this sweet little pearl
into an uplifting happening.

Sparkling, yet some darkish twilight poppiness. Like early Slowdive moodiness fused
with illuminating The Cure guitar sequences and seductive vocals bringing 60s pin-up chanteuse Françoise Hardy to mind. Magnifique!.

A ravishing combination of vocal Vive La Fête sensuality and enthralling New Order
guitar electricity turning this multi-layered humdinger into my favorite piece. Top!

Picture this
Kinky Star, Ghent, 16 May…

Electr-o-fying waves

Amplified pop dynamics

Angelic voice


TURQUOISE: Facebook – Debut EP available on Bandcamp

(concert pics by Turn Up The Volume!)

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