Young British Gunslingers THE STONE BIRDS Unleash Their Swagger On New Single ‘THE JOKER’…

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27 May 2019


Who: “Inspired by the classic rock of the 60s and 70s, The Stone Birds originally formed
as a two-piece in 2018 in Portsmouth, UK released a single, then became a three-piece
with a brand new song in January 2019. Now a four-piece the band promise to blend
the energy of classic rock along with its modern counterpart to create a fresh but
nostalgic sound.”

Track: THE JOKER – new single

Score: This fresh cracker moves like a slow-burning torch fueled by firing guitars accompanying the cutting story about a suspicious character and driven by an overall cocksure attitude. When this young gang’s swagger turns into a droning steamroller midway it’s firework time. Bingo! Biting cut! These youngsters will be back sooner than
you think. But first this vicious headbutt…

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