CHELSEA WOLFE Seduces Strangely With Brand New Moony Track ‘THE MOTHER ROAD’…

Brand new sonic impulses

18 June 2019

(photo: Nona Limmen / artwork for new album by John Crawford)

After her 2017 LP ‘His Spun‘ the first music from gloomy troubadour CHELSEA WOLFE
was an Roky Ericskon cover to pay tribute to the psychedelic rocker who recently passed away. And today, the Los Angeles artist announced new album, called ‘Birth Of Violence‘. And here’s the first cut.

THE MOTHER ROAD’ is a spellbinding musing with strong lines like: “I do not have a child, but I’m old enough to know some pain” and “And I’m hell bent on loving you/ Women know what it is to endure.”

Check the full reflection right here…


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