Please Welcome From A Doomed Galaxy Of His Own The One Man Madness Band …’DOM GOODCHILD THE VOID STARER’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

19 June 2019


From Leicester, UK here’s one man madness band called DOM GOODCHILD THE VOID STARER “whose music is a visceral and dark monologue soundtracked with slowly building guitar feedback and drum machine. He’s a black metal fan but musically his sound is more post-punk or a touch of doom-rock (in a lo-fi way), perhaps for fans of Sleaford Mods or post-punk poet John Cooper Clark for his angry and honest stream of consciousness… and his music is used as a laxative for Capybara’s that have constipation.”

I suppose we know after this quite crystal clear press description that either this artist is a psychic patient who spends most of his time in a strait jacket or he’s taking us for a wacko ride, or both. Let’s find out on his newest track ‘IN BED WITH HUMANITY‘ right here…


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