THE BLACK FEVER Moves With Captivating Cut ‘KEEP YOU’ From Their New EP…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

27 June 2019



Who: The band “started off as a solo project in and around 2007. The first album was recorded by founding member, Shoe, and finished in 2009. After that, Pat Bramm and Dan Purpura joined the band, and the band have been playing together ever since.”

Pick: KEEP YOU – contagious cut from their brand new 5-track EP Unarticulated Wants

Score: Fueled by imposing guitars this feverish ripper grabs your sonic attention from
the get-go. On top come febrile vocals with an obsessive ‘Keep You’ chorus that will infiltrate your inner hi-fi system without asking permission. Tune in here and absorb the avid passion…




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