Swedish Pysch Act MANKIND And MATILDA WIEZELL Have No Doubt In Their Minds…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

Swedish 4-piece MANKIND, the band brought up on music released long before they were born and in boroughs far from where they lived (the early 90’s Seattle scene, the Velvet’s New York, The Doors’ California, London 60s) teamed up with MATILDA WIEZELL, fetching voice of sonic countrymen Melby for a new track called NO DOUBT IN MY MIND .

Expect a 7-minute symphony starting as an amplified psych pop piece with far-out duet vocals and turning midway into a ravishing guitar instrumental before ending as it all began… without any doubt in their minds.

Discover the electrical trip right here…

Also streamable in 2 parts on Spotify
MANKIND: Facebook

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