Flamy Garage Trio THE COSMICS Rattles Non-Stop On Their Rad Self-Titled Debut EP…

11 July 2019

From Birmingham, UK here are THE COSMICS. A fierce garage rock trio led by flamboyant frontwoman Erin Grace. The band entered their city’s music scene back in 2015. A couple of weeks ago they released their 6-track debut EP. A hellish record starting pretty tranquil, at least partially, as the retro reflection TRUST IS MY BLIND opens rather dreamy but goes entirely ballistic somewhere midway. Afterward, it’s full fierce force forward.

From the hefty uppercut EYES to the haunting CUNDY GET DOWN with echoing psych guitars and pounding drums provoking a rip-roaring finale. YEAH! And the three following steamrollers NO DESCENT, BRAINFUZZ and DRAINED resonate as a three-headed dragon with bipolar problems causing nasty, far-out and freakish turmoil that will crush your 360° rotating head in the end. Insane DIY garage fireworks. Pure punch performances. No special effects, no arty farty blah-blah. Catch the fervid fury right here…


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