Noise Turbo IT IT ANITA Did What They Do Best At DOUR FESTIVAL In Belgium…

IT IT ANITA – DOUR Festival Belgium – 14 July 2019

Belgium’s premier noiseniks IT IT ANITA did what they do best again yesterday at Dour Festival in Belgium: causing a deafening whirlwind of mindboggling noise on repeat, firing up the whole crowd with their immensely passionate electricity while messing up
the euphoric spectators’ minds the way they like it, breaking down the drums and building it up somewhere in the middle of the marquee for an astonishing intermezzo, leaving tons of sweat on the floor and remembering us all that they made one of last year’s albums with their aceĀ LAURENT LP. Hail hail IIAA!

Every picture tells a story…

Psychedelic turmoil

Earsplitting passion

Explosive electricity

Sweaty thunder

Primal screams

Hail hail

Stream/purchase LAURENT album here…

IT IT ANITA: Facebook


(concert pics by Turn Up The Volume!)

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