‘Are ‘Friends Electric’ By TUBEWAY ARMY – From ‘REPLICAS’ – Their No 1 Hit Album 40 Years Ago…

Knockouts from the past

21 July 2019

Gary Numan‘s band TUBEWAY ARMY hit the top spot of the UK Albums Chart with
their second and final album Replicas this day 40 years ago, on 21 July 1979.

Afterward the legendary electro phenomenon started his successful solo career. ARE ‘FRIENDS’ ELECTRIC? was Replicas‘ obvious masterstroke. It was released as a single a couple of months before the longplayer came out and peaked at #1 on the UK singles chart. Last year I saw Numan playing Belgium and this massive killer still sent shivers
down my spine with its irresistible swagger. Here we go…

GARY NUMAN: Facebook

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