Melbourne’s THE ATTICS Challenge Social Media On New Frisky Single ‘INSTANT FEED’…

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21 July 2019

Melbourne’s amplified pop act THE ATTICS dropped a new
cut from their forthcoming album called ‘INSTANT FEED‘.

The band says the song is “all about analysing the relationships that exist between ourselves and social media. Lyrically, it’s encouraging people to step back and observe exactly what it is we’re doing when we curate an Instagram feed or build our online profile. Ironically, whilst poking fun at just how deeply socials have infiltrated our lives, as a band, it’s now impossible
to live without it.”

Instant Feed‘ is a frisky jam with a driving beat, frolic guitars, jaunty harmonies and a sticky Beatles-esque chorus. This swirling pop peppiness will stimulate you to press the repeat button a couple of times and share it on your social media accounts of course. Check the playful shakiness out right here…

THE ATTICS: Facebook – Instant Feed on Bandcamp

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