Leeds Act KATH & THE KICKS Strike With Rumbling Stroke ‘LET IT OUT’…

21 July 2019


Who: Glowing indie rock trio from Leeds

Track: LET IT OUT – their newest single – the song ‘represents a build-up of being misunderstood, underestimated and suppressed in different areas of life. The song is
a journey through various emotions; tension, confusion, darkness then explosions of
power. It’s a celebration of frustration and something that everyone can relate to.”

Score: This is a vigorous knockout that grabs your aural attention from the very first
big bang. Its booming impact and its pounding panache will make your head going up
and down relentlessly. The Eastern-sounding strings and the highly vibrant chorus inject this stellar groover with an irresistible dynamic you just can’t resist. Big score! Top kick! Catch my drift right here…

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