Rumbustious Welsh Rockers ‘KEYS’ Only Want You For Your Rock And Roll…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

31 July 2019

Band: KEYS

Who: An experienced Welsh team with several albums, EPs and singles on their CV, producing music that “touches on the wide eyed wonder and boundless possibilities of
the sixties pop song, West Coast harmonies, Motown backbeat and the aggression of post
1968 proto-punk, sets them apart as true believers in the communion of Rock and Roll.”

Pick: I ONLY WANT YOU FOR YOUR ROCK AND ROLL – second single from
the band’s upcoming longplayer

Score: This smoking killer-diller sounds like The Jesus And Mary Chain and The Stooges
got together for a scorching jam while consuming tons of speed. The blistering outcome will drive your mind totally giddy. Around the 2-minute mark there’s a short kind of Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love intermezzo to give you the opportunity to reload, but from there on its full blast rock ‘n’ toll until the head-crushing finale. Breathtaking blast! Hallelujah! Press the button below and explode…

KEYS: Facebook

Your keys to roasting rock ‘n’ toll…

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