Los Angeles Duo BROKEN BABY Strikes Again With New Sassy Single… ‘ROYAL PIGS’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

Striking L.A. tandem BROKEN BABY hit Turn Up The Volume‘s sonic radar before with impressive ripper Meat Week and now the duo unleashed a new cracker called ROYAL PIGS. An emotional and crazed outburst, rumbling and fulminating fiercely. A thundery stroke tackling sexist male suckers who just can’t stop disrespecting women in many ways. “This is my body/what does it cost?” spits singer Amber Bollinger in the high-powered chorus. Damn right, to hell with all drooling pigs.

Here’s the turbulent uppercut…


Amazing single artwork by Hayden Menzies, drummer of brill Canadian noiseniks Metz

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