Cardiff’s Hip-Hoppers CODEWALKERS Rap ‘N’ Roll On Their New Swinging Single ‘ROADMAN’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…


Who: Cardiff-based brothers Ben Dabson (producer) and Dafydd Dabson (guitarist)
have been making noise together since before they could talk. They formed the band ‘Codewalkers‘ in 2016 when they recruited vocalist Seun Babatola to provide a message to their music. The trio were joined in 2018 by bassist Chay Lockyer and drummer Aled Lloyd

Pick: ROADMAN – newest single “based on the feelings of inadequacy we all have as we start off in our journey into independence, some later than others” – officially out 31st August

Score: After a big brass intro you’ll get a waterfall of rap ‘n’ roll. Expect a non-stop ardent flow of rhymes, lots of bass resonance and a gluey chorus that sticks immediately. You are who you are is the message. Damn right. Press play and make some moves, folks…

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