Scottish Post Punks KAPUTT Rip and Roll On Title Track Of Upcoming Debut LP – Here’s ‘CARNAGE HALL’…

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27 August 2019


Who: Socially committed Scottish post-punk collective that will have their debut album
out on 27th September. A record of which all tracks were written between 2016 and 2018. Following the British referendum and Brexit as we know it, the songs are influenced by the maelstrom of political hypocrisy and the ongoing confusion around the future of the UK

Pick: CARNAGE HALL – A song about “an alternative dimension in which Judy Garland’s famous Carnegie Hall show was a total bust rather than the roaring success it proved to be.”

Score: Expect some manic word-by-word shouting around a hyperkinetic guitar riff that will awake every single nerve in your agitated body until tempo drops suddenly, only to refuel and resume its nervous course spiced with some kooky saxophone sequences here and there. I just love this sort of tense sonic chaos, it keeps your disorderly mind and your lazy limbs alert at all times. Catch the highly-strung action right here…

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Debut album CARNAGE HALL out 27th September via Upset The Rhythm

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