Brighton’s ANIMAL HOUSE Rattles Non-Stop On New Bouncy Single ‘LEGS OUT FOR SUMMER’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

5 September 2019

This is how summer legs look like / photo Daniel Hills

Officially summer ends on 22nd September so Brighton‘s steamy quartet ANIMAL HOUSE keeps going bonkers as long as the sun is shining. Here’s their new sunlit,
red-hot corker ‘LEGS OUT FOR SUMMER’.

“Its a shout out for more pride in imperfection and how uncomfortable it seems to be.
Give us more hairy backs and stretch marks. Make them squirm”
says the band.

Legs Out For Summer‘ is a scintillating belter that will trigger every single nerve in your shaking body. Its party your head off  vibrancy and its pumping impetuosity will awake
your sleeping brain cells and make your adrenalin stream like a boisterous waterfall. Wham bam! Top smack! Press play and twist your legs here…


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