Indie Nashville Rockers CREATURE COMFORT Enthrall With New Sensitive Single ‘HEARTSTRINGS’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

10 September 2019


Who: A Nashville quintet claiming that you should “Think of them as Fleet Foxes
for people who grew up bailing hay, or your favorite indie record—if that record
were scattered, smothered, and covered, of course.”

Pick: HEARSTRINGS – Lead singer, Jessey Clark revealed about the song:  “I wrote ‘Heartstrings’ while staying at Navy Pier in Chicago. I’d just been through a pretty rough breakup, so I stayed at the pier for a week—just writing music, drinking too much, and
sleeping in too late. I had set out to write something about my ex moving away from
Nashville, but once I finished it, I realized I’d actually written a song about my own fear

of commitment.”

Score: Here’s an amplified sonic meditation about mixed love emotions, about unsettling sentiments, about one self who’s scared to get involved in a relationship. Expect gripping Beach Boys/Fleet Foxes harmonies and  invigorating guitarstrings that will touch your heart and move your soul. Riveting tunefulness, stirring sentiments.

Tune in here…

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