Mysterious English Artist NANCY Makes Enigmatic Impact With New Single… ‘WHEN I’M WITH YOU (I FEEL LOVE)’

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14 September 2019


Artist: NANCY

Who: Although his real identity is still not know Nancy managed to have been
described as a musical auteur, a provocateur, surrealist, both male and female, a mysterious necromancer, in the same sentence both classy and trashy, weird and wonderful, Sgt Peppers for degenerate, after only a couple of moths he went online

Pick: ‘WHEN I’M WITH YOU (I FEEL LOVE)’ – brand new single

Score: Open your mind for a psychedelic love song that will trigger your fantasy
and will pleasure your aural antenna. Its swirling flow, its beating vitality and its trippy echoing vocality is something you definitely want to get familiar with after one spin.

Start your sonic acquaintance with Nancy right here…

NANCY: Facebook

Meet Nancy… musical auteur, provocateur, surrealist, and a mysterious necromancer

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