BRITTANY HOWARD Shares Tremendous Electro Brothers And Sisters Rant From Her Debut Solo LP – Here’s ’13TH CENTURY METAL…

Brand new sonic impulses

17 September 2019


BRITTANY HOWARD who released two albums as former frontwoman of Alabama Shakes  (Boys & Girls in 2012 and Sound & Color in 2015) and made also an album with
her side project Thunderbitch now goes solo. Her debut LP JAIME named after her sister who died of cancer when they were teenager will be out on 20 September.

After unveiling groovy lead single ‘History Repeats’ and soulful musing ‘Stay High here’s a totally different kind of animal. ‘13TH CENTURY METAL’ is an electro, flamingly spoken word, rant with Howard referring to what we all are… ‘Brothers and Sisters.’ Get the message? The only way to survive is doing it all together. Yes, ALL TOGETHER!

Here’s some dynamic fuel to soundtrack our survival…


(photo on top: FB Brittany Howard)

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