EAGLEMONT – Melbourne Singer/Songwriter Rattles Longingly On New Single ‘HETERONORMATIVE NIGHTMARE’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

1 October 2019


Who: “Melbourne music maker Bridgitte Jessop who has been performing and releasing a couple of singles under the guitar-slinging nom de guerre, Eaglemont for just under two years, yet has already earned herself a household name amongst the local indie scene with her insatiable brand of punchy pop rock”

Eaglemont says about this new piece: “Picture this. You’re in the back of a limousine, your mum’s taken you to Myer to get your makeup done, you have a corsage on your wrist and you’re seated next a handsome formal date surrounded by your peers, a more perfect
picture could not be painted. Alas a stark realization dawns upon you. You’re stuck in a ‘Heteronormative Nightmare’ and you’re gay.”

Score: This is a rattling jingle jangle rocker of a song that’s both raw and romantic, both tender and obsessive. A longing ebullition fueled with crackling guitars and Eaglemont‘s peculiar, yet highly compelling voice. I’m sure we may expect some more wholehearted electricity from this young, up and coming, talented queer artist. No doubt about that.

Listen to ‘Heteronormative Nightmare’ here…


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