New-Zealand Based Songstress LEXYTRON Sees ‘COUPLES’ Everywhere…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

6 October 2018


Who: “Half Greek, half Persian and half English – as she described herself age 5 – the Manchester-born Lexy found her identity in music early on as a pianist and violinist.”
She’s now based in Auckland, New-Zealand

Track: COUPLES – “Sometimes being alone is liberating but sometimes it downright sucks. ‘Couples’ whisks you from the confines of your bedroom to emotional breaking point on a cross-cultural sonic highway” says Lexytron about her newest single, officially out 25th October

Score: Although this infectious daisy of a tune is about the awful feeling of being alone while you’re seeing couples everywhere around you, the upbeatness of the song actually will make you forget about your solitude. Its funky Latin rhythm and its frisky, playful and exulting chorus will even put a big smile on your face. And the hilarious, accompanying video clip will also help you to get cheerful. In the end ‘Couples‘ works as an effective medicine against loneliness. Mission accomplished!

Catch the buoyant vibe here…

LEXYTRON: Facebook

COUPLES available via Bandcamp

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