Canadian Indie Rockers KILL CHICAGO Groove With Big Choir On Brand New Single… ‘MOONLIGHT’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

7 October 2019


Who: A Canadian band with “a careful knack for weaving heartfelt messages through boisterous rock’n’roll. Natural storytellers with a political core, this New Brunswick-based quartet has made a name for itself through electrifying live shows and honesty that reflects their blue collar history.”

Track: MOONLIGHT – new single from upcoming album ‘The Fix‘, out 8th November – when not active with the group, frontman and songwriter Greg Webber teaches music, developing the next generation of artists. ‘Moonlight‘ features 88 of his students singing backup. Pretty cool!

Score: This both smoothly and infectiously groovin’ snorter sticks directly from the get-go. Expect a solid and zestful beat, glowing guitars, storytelling vocals and, yes, a choir of 88 students giving the euphonious chorus an ardent sparkle. You’ll love the jaunty vibe! Definitely! Here we go…


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