London’s Raging Tandem TOKYO TABOO Goes Bonkers On New Red-Hot-Blooded Stroke ‘WHISKEY’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

8 October 2019

Turn Up The Volume featured omnipotent and combative London tandem TOKYO TABOO several times before. Their HUGE and THUNDEROUS hard rockin’ all-powerful vitality and puissance is simply irresistible.

The in many ways notable duo unleashed a new sledgehammer called ‘WHISKEY‘. Remarkable frontwoman Dolly Daggerz revealed the story behind this new thrashing corker: “I wanted to describe how I’d become dependent on alcohol to feel ok. I got so used to drinking whiskey straight out of the bottle before jumping on stage. I thought being wasted was the only way I could perform as a riotous female. Turns out I never needed alcohol at all and that craziness lives in me!”

Whiskey‘ burns like a giant torch and sounds like a giant stunner that attacks your speakers relentlessly and feeds your hungry ears the way you actually love it. This enormous slam dunk proves once again that Tokyo Taboo‘s thumping potency is the perfect trigger to activate your adrenalin’s production. Wham bloody bam! Experience the brutal force
right here…


(photo: FB Tokyo Taboo)

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