Electro Dream Wave Duo LUNAR TWIN Shared Two Moony Tracks So Far From Upcoming New Album ‘GHOST MOON RITUAL’…

New sonic impulses

14 October 2019


Who: A dreamwave duo from Hawai/Salt Lake City formed in 2013 that is interested in “space- and time theories, nature and culture. Their music connects with the lyrical themes through spacey soundscapes with use of guitar reverbs, electronics and nature sounds.” They record the music and vocals separately, on locations far apart (Hawaii and Salt Lake City).

Tracks: DRUNKEN SKY and LEAVES – two pieces from the band’s upcoming album,
titled ‘Ghost Moon Ritual’, out 5 January 2020

Score: Both euphonious electro tracks have a heavyhearted and shadowy sensitivity
that takes your thoughts to another dimension, to never-never twilight land, away from daily reality. The atmospheric industrial synths and almost whispering vocals, reminding me of Mark Lanegan‘s melancholic crooning moments (especially on ‘Leaves‘), have a chill-out effect on your senses. These ambient symphonies are great companions for the late-night hours.

Capture the entranced vibes of both tranquilizing meditations right here…



LUNAR TWIN: Facebook

New album GHOST MOON RITUAL – out 5th January 2020 – all info on Bandcamp

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