NOW PLAYING! Listen To The 2nd Hefty LP By Young And Brisk Los Angeles Rockers STARCRAWLER – Here’s ‘DEVOUR YOU’…

14 October 2019

Band: Starcrawler (Los Angeles)
Album: Defour You – their second LP
Released: 11 October 2019
Sound: So much edgier than their debut LP. More dynamite, more fire, more ruckus. American rock ‘n’ roll history from start to finish delivered in different colors, different sentiments and different paces with a dominant let’s have fun factor and tons of influences from Chuck Berry to The Stooges, from The Runaways to Hole. Fuel for youngsters who love the past and for their hip parents who experienced the past.
Highlights: Lizzy / Bet My Brains / Toy Teenager / Born Asleep / Tank Top

Stream here…

Starcrawler last year live in Brussels (photos by Turn Up The Volume!)


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