British Heated Rockers JOHNNY KILLS Unleash New Adrenalin Fueled Single ‘HELP ME OUT’…

New sonic impulses

10 October 2019


Who: Who: Three guys called Kills producing “garage indie, garden punk, acoustic
shoegaze, noise pop, hut rock and fuzzy glam surf with three lead guitars”

Track: HELP ME OUT – newest single – “It’s about getting to a stage where you have some big life questions what career do I want? Where do I want to live? What do I really care about? Answers are all a resounding ‘I don’t have a scooby, mate’. It’s about having a blank slate in front of you and it just freaking you out, and hoping someone else will sort it
all out for you.”

Score: This is a massive blazing guitar oiled ripsnorter that will pump up your activated body’s temperature to a cooking level. The band’s scream for help is boisterous and clear,
hot-blooded and hearty. Their sonic adrenalin bounces all over the place. Help them out by spreading their confusing message right here…


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