Up And Coming Belgian Force LAGÜNA Thunders Like A Well-Oiled-Rock-Machine…

LAGÜNA – BarBroos Club, Ghent, Belgium – 15 October 2019

Up and coming, highly promising Belgian band LAGÜNA are gearing up for a prosperous and noisy future as they’re working on their debut LP. Think of early post punk influenced Editors before they became a boring stadium band. But Lagüna rocks rawer, rolls heavier, roars rowdily and thunders meaner than the money-grabbing Editors who turned into a soulless parody of themselves over the years. This juvenile, zippy quintet has, since the last time I witnessed them, become a well-oiled-spirited-and-blustering rock machine on a thumping power-driven roll with tons of confident panache and fully charged flamboyance as they showcased last night. Bring on that album a.s.a.p, guys!…

Here’s an idea of their haunting sonic force

More shots from yesterday…

Stream this year’s released, excellent LAGÜNA‘s debut EP here…

LAGÜNA: Facebook

(all concert pics by Turn Up The Volume!)

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