London’s High-Energizing Dance Act TWO TRIBES Takes You On A Non-Stop Trance Trip – Here’s ‘VIDEODRONE’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

17 October 2019

(Credit: Alex Waespi)

London‘s high-energizing dance act TWO TRIBES just dropped their new, second single called VIDEODRONE. In a press statement its described as ‘A 7-minute dance-punk tinged rally against information overload, spiky synths bubbling up to a symphonic hook, suspense-building breakdown and cathartic reprise’ about “ the idea of a digital identity, over-stimulation from technology and the internet can perpetuate disillusion and desensitisation in the real world. For some of us, the amount of information available can be a difficult thing to process sometimes, we wanted to explore in this song that increasingly blurred line between mind and mechanism. The title takes inspiration from David Cronenberg’s 1983 film ‘Videodrome’, which carries similar themes about the cult of technology.”

When listening to this dance floor standout it feels like Madchester is happening all over again but this time in London. Not any nerve in your body can resist this non-stop impulse generating trance-like escapade. Its ongoing tribal krautrock eurythmics and trippy Balearic beats turn up your bloodstream’s flow and disconnect your tired mind from reality’s pressures.You will be intoxicated before your even realize it. C’mon, get up and shake your booty!

Press play here and enter two tribes’ rapturous galaxy…

TWO TRIBES: Facebook

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