THE VEGAN LEATHER – Scottish Art Popsters Drop Booming Cut From New LP – Here’s ‘HEAVY HANDED’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

17 October 2019

After sharing previous singles ‘French Exit’ and ‘The Hit’, which addressed the pressures
of nights out, commercial success and dealing with widespread misogyny, Scottish art pop outfit THE VEGAN LEATHER dropped a third vivid cut from their upcoming debut LP, titled ‘Poor Girls / Broken Boys’ .

HEAVY HANDED’ “is about being part of a cultural scene or environment that you’re not comfortable with, not feeling ‘cool’ enough or that your art isn’t ‘good’ enough. It’s that pressure to feed the cultural zeitgeist but standing in defiance and writing what you actually want to write about and being able to be who you want to be” says singer Marie.

It’s a steamy groover with a contagiously booming effect on all of your nerves and limbs. Effervescent, sprightly en totally energizing. Solid gold catchiness, supreme sonority and infectious vivacity. A 24-carat tune you want to hear every single morning in order to give your cranky mood a firm wake-up kick. Knockout stroke! Catch its fever here…


(photo on top: FB The Vegan Leather)

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