THE JAM Released ‘THE ETON RIFLES’ Single 40 Years Ago…

Knockouts from the past

25 October 2019

Band: The Jam
Song: The Eton Rifles
Released: 25 October 1979 – 40 years ago today / B-side: See-saw
Album: Setting Sons – the band’s fourth LP
Note 1: The song attacked one of England‘s most famous
privileged elite schools called Eton College in Berkshire
Note 2: Former UK Prime Minister David Cameron (you know, the guy,
who started the – still ongoing – Brexit drama back in 2016) loved
The Jam and this particular song, despite his elitist upbringing. He said:
“I don’t see why the left should be the only ones allowed to listen to protest
” I agree, but he should learn something out of it…
Note 3: The single peaked at #3 in the UK, their first Top Ten hit

Here we go…

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