Canadian Collective RADIO FREE UNIVERSE Enthralls With New Beatific Single ‘SHE’S HIGH AGAIN’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

29 October 2019

After two albums of electric guitar-fuelled rock and a tumultuous year of transition and self-discovery Canadian rockers RADIO FREE UNIVERSE looked inward and decided “to write songs of love, loss, and renewal that are shaped by personal experience and real emotion, songs that remind you what it means to be human, and why music matters.”

First result of their new direction is an instant triumph. ‘SHE’S HIGH AGAIN‘ is a tower
of a song bringing the first-rate songwriting quality of legendary bands such as the Eagles and The Band to mind. Here’s a solid gold humdinger that combines Canadacana, rock, pop and soul in order to create a universal and appealing sound that you just can not like. This wonderful tune has an ongoing, irresistible groove with a magnetic impact while the poppy and beatific tone of the high-spirited chorus will touch your melancholic side. Top melody, top vocals, top orchestration, top achievement!

Enjoy the magnificence here…


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