London’s Singer/Songwriter STONER Dropped Brand New Standout Ballad ‘KINGDOM OF THE BIRDS’…

Intimate reveries for the laziest day of the week

3 November 2019

(photo via artist Stoner – press)

The London based elusive singer/songwriter STONER, named after John Edward
’ lost classic, combines heartrending lyricism and timeless balladry. He
explores our fears with death, the dying and its surrounding existential crises.

His new sensitive single ‘KINGDOM OF THE BIRDS‘ is a standout meditation that
will cause shivers down your spine. Stoner says about the song’s content: “Exploring
the loneliness of intimacy, ‘Kingdom Of The Birds’ is a morning song, the soft plane where
clarity can spike. The hapless and hopeful are deposited back to their own worlds. This
is the psychic retribution we encounter on the quest to feel in love and in union.”

Listen closely and you will hear, vocally, downhearted echoes of Scott Walker‘s and
Jeff Buckley‘s hypnotic voices. And musically you will be touched by the tantalizing melancholia of the multi-orchestral splendour of this fragile pensiveness, including
the romantic guitar sequence, in the end, reminding me of Interpol‘s electrical enchantment. Poetry in motion.

Discover the sonic magnificence here…

STONER: Facebook

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