Discover Young And Spirited Songstress DEVA ST. JOHN And Her New Robust Single ‘THE INFORMATION AGE’…

Brand new sonic impulses

5 November 2019

(photo by Jess Revel)


Who: “Born in London to American parents and raised in Berkshire, Deva’s sound is heavily influenced by both British and American culture and music. With strong vocals, a raw and authentic writing style, and boozy, alternative-pop production.

Track: THE INFORMATION AGE – newest single

Score: It’s obvious that this young artist bursts with energy. She’s obviously terrifically hungry to turn her daily observations into ebullient music that backs the poignant stories – in this case the overpowering impact of social media on people’s life – that she wants to tell. ‘The Information Age‘ starts with Deva rocking briskly with no breaks, but midway she slows down to reflect on the song’s theme before deciding to turn up the decibels again and close with an exclamation mark. Impressive voice, dazzling rock ‘n’ pop dynamism, sincere social engagement. Trust me, Deva St. John is here to stay.

Feel the force here…

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