Scottish Amplified Pop Foursome SHAMBOLICS Debuts With Ardent Single ‘CHASING A DISASTER’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

8 November 2019


Who: “Hailed by label owner and mentor Alan McGee as “one of the great Scottish bands”, Shambolics are a fervently ambitious outfit from Scotland ready to take on the World. A far cry from the rag-tag chaos their name would perhaps imply, Shambolics have a knack for artfully honed and irresistibly dreamy rock’n’roll that calls to mind the indelible sounds of the genre’s lauded masters, from The LA’s to The Beatles.”

Pick: CHASING A DISASTER – the band’s debut single.
Available via Mcgee’s label Creation 23 .

Score: Characteristic British infectious melodiousness, spot-on tunefulness, jingle jangle guitars that keep ringing in your head and zippy vocals all over it. Think Liverpool’s one-time legends The La’s and the criminally underrated vital Dundee popsters The View. This
is a splendid top of the pops stunner! Bingo!

Discover these young gunslingers’ swagger right here…


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