London’s Stoner Rock Engine EMPTY FRIEND Thunders On Their New Stupendous Slam… ‘FALTER’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

13 November 2019


Who: “A London-based quartet, who came into existence in 2015, famed for mixing
driving guitar riffs with veracious vocals, while drawing on elements of Hard-Rock,
Grunge, Stoner and Metal sounds, to create their music.”

Pick: FALTER – the first track from their upcoming, second EP

Score: This thunderous motherrocker of a jackhammer fulminates viciously like a
voracious beast looking for prey. Expect steamy, ear-splitting and towering riffage
backed by a ruthlessly walloping rhythm section and howling Ozzy Osbourne vocals
making Queens Of The Stone Age sounding like a pop band. Smashing slam!

Well the day’s gonna come / When you falter and run /
All the people as one / Baying for blood

Here we go…


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