London Rockers ARMADA OF SECRETS Impose With New Mighty Single ‘MAKE ME OVER’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

22 November 2019


Who: A London duo made up of Burundi born vocalist Caroline Kabera and bassist Carl Dawkins. They met in music school and later reignited their explosive musical chemistry as Armada of Secrets. A rollicking drum-and-bass-driven power duo, marrying danceable post-punk with raw, soulful singing, and deeply affecting observational lyricism.

Pick: MAKE ME OVER – new single that ‘symbolises our return, a coming to terms with who we are and what we believe in’ says the band after it took a long time to decide if they actually wanted to get the song out as its level of honesty scared them.

Score: Blimey! What a powerhouse of a song! From the get-go a repetitive, towering riff backed by an overwhelming, robustious drums/bass force set the enormously pulsating tone of this zestful knockout. And when vocalist Caroline Kabera‘s vehement and soulful vox comes on top of it your body temperature speeds up spectacularly. Make Me Over is
a high-energy discharge with an emotional intensity that will have a lasting impact on
your aural radar.

Feel the intense power right here, right now…


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