London’s GHOST PATTERNS Reflects On Life In A Big City On New Haunting Single ‘DISAPPEARS’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

23 November 2019


Who: International quartet based in London producing “swathes of layered guitars and icy synth textures washed in reverb, juxtaposed with pounding bass lines and abrasive drums to round off the sonic palette.”

Pick: DISAPPEARS – New single – “A bittersweet homage to the huge metropolis we live in here in London, with all its pressures, taken opportunities, missed opportunities and its transient nature… nothing stays still here for very long so it’s an overall reflection of that.

Score: This new single reflects the band’s ambivalent feelings of living in a big, faceless city and being confronted with its daily race in the fast lane. The haunting guitars à la Interpol, the darksome sentiments, the doom-like vocals and the jittery orchestration all point in the same uncertain, feverish direction. Urban tenseness translated into a mind-blowing psychedelic escapade. A spine-chilling experience with a staggering finale. Top stuff!

Capture the vibe here…


(on top: promo photo via band)

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