LADY LAZARUS Shares Clip For ‘I RECALL JULY’ – A Key Track From Her New LP…

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…

28 November 2019

LADY LAZARUS is the solo project of California-based singer-songwriter Melissa Ann Sweat. Last month she released her fourth album, titled ‘IMPOSSIBLE JOURNEY OF MY SOUL TONIGHT’. An intriguing and genuinely moving, cathartic work, covering some of her darkest experiences and most profound emotions.

She has now shared a video for one of the key tracks of the record. ‘I RECALL JULY’
is about “a stormy relationship that reached a sudden culmination and breaking point,
though the good times and the love we shared live on in memory”
says Lady Lazarus.

Watch the sensual clip here…

on Bandcamp and iTunes. You can stream it also on Spotify.

Lady Lazarus guided Turn Up The Volume through her new
album track by track. You can read the feature here.

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