Melbourne’s Psych Outfit BADGERS Hits Bullseye With Their Jangly Debut Single ‘MAKE IT RAIN’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

4 December 2019


Who: A Melbourne based quartet “formed and bonded over a mutual love of ‘60s pop and partying – along with an appreciation for ‘70s wallpaper – BADGERS pretzel twist spare barebones rock and hazy paisegaze pop back in on themselves, emerging with a piercing, spiraling rock’n’roll that swings like a playset in a hurricane.”

Score: Talking about a smashing debut! ‘Make It Rain’ is a rousing jingle jangle guitar ripper. You’ll hear electrical echoes from the psychedelic era of the sixties and an early Stonesque-vibe. Anyway, this addictive stunner, with multi-layered vocals, will activate
all of your limbs from the get-go. Banging swagger! Smoking groove! Top cut!

Feel the steamy drift right here…

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