Southampton’s Noise Engine DALI Thunders On Their New Rowdy Single ‘YOU’RE NOT THE ONE’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

6 December 2019

Band: DALI

Who: A fresh noise engine from Southampton
named after iconic artist Salvador Dali

Track: YOU’RE NOT THE ONE – new single

Score: From the razor-sharp intro riff on this earsplitting thunderclap turns into a hell of an overwhelming ride. This uppercut obviously reflects the band’s anger and frustration over what’s happening right now politically and socially in the UK. The blazing chorus says a lot about the emotions at play here: “Its been left to us / Look at how we rust / In this broken system, we’re supposed to trust?” Sounds like a crystal clear and thunderous alarm call to me! Catch the flaming firepower right here…

DALI: Facebook

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