New Single ‘YLMD’ By Multi-Instrumentalist HUSSY Is A Flaming Standout…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

7 December 2019

(photo: Poppy Marriott)

Artist: HUSSY

Who: South London based HUSSY (real name: Sophie Nicole Ellison) is
a multi-instrumentalist who makes music that’s both juxtaposingly lullful
and playful yet as raw and direct as the name of her pseudonym.

Track: YLMD – new single – Hussy said about this new one: “I could almost say at this
stage it has become a love letter to self-empowerment and things going wrong. You can
guess once you hear the lyrics, YLMD stands for You Let Me Down. I wrote it a few years
ago and feels like it’s almost taken on a new meaning for me now than when I wrote it. Originally it was the frustration over seeing loved one’s self-destruction. Ultimately though,
it’s a journey of reflection and self-empowerment.”

Score: This is a highly vibrant and flaming rocker with Hussy reflecting on somebody
who let her down as she keeps on repeating in the dynamic chorus. The wall-of-sound orchestration of this infectious stomper is just astounding. It feeds the track with tons of energy, vitality and ardor. ‘YLMD’ will not let you down, it will activate all of your senses.

HUSSY: Facebook

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