L.A.’s Electronic Duo DIVINE ASTRONAUT Impresses With Debut Single ‘UNDONE’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

10 December 2019

(photo: Vlad Pogonariu Pogo Photography/Expirat


Who: An electronic group featuring singer Livvy Holland and producer/multi-instrumentalist Moonhead. The duo describe their sound as “night-time music
that is downtempo alternative electronica with trip hop and industrial elements.”

Track: ‘UNDONE’ – debut single from upcoming album ‘Made Not In Berlin‘, out in 2020

Score: This is a fascinating debut. From the spellbinding Massive Attack intro on, it’s
singer Hollands‘ seductive vox that grabs your aural attention instantly. She moves
slowly and mysteriously towards the powerful guitar and drum driven chorus that
injects this ambient track with a doomy feel. Then it’s back to the ghostly trip-hop melodiousness until the rambunctious finale kicks in and the track abruptly ends.

Capture the spooky atmosphere right here…


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