London’s Groovy Outfit MODERATE REBELS Drops Anti Government Track ‘EVERY CHEAT YOU MEET SINGS LOVE SONGS’…

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11 December 2019

London’s outfit MODERATE REBELS, the band with changing line-ups and the determined aim to make music that is far more important than its performers has already released two pretty wayward albums with outspoken songs about social issues, ‘Shared Values’  last year and debut LP ‘Sound Of Security’ in 2017. And now the rebels are gearing up
for their third longplayer’, a triple one, yes, I repeat, a triple one containing 30 songs, out next year.

Ahead of it, the band has just dropped the first track off their upcoming exploit.
A politically-charged piece related to the UK’s general election on 12 December.
‘EVERY CHEAT YOU MEET SINGS LOVE SONGS’ is a direct attack on the British government’s patronizing and deceitful way of treating the population.

Beware. Beware of the cheats.
Singing you love songs, Sing you to

This is a wake-up call for the people who believe everything the political leaders tell them, for all the people in a state of dormancy. Sonically this new one is totally Moderate Rebels.
A groovy, repetitive stomper with a chant-like magnetic effect.

Tune in here and awake…


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