Darkwave Act NIGHT NAIL Dropped New Haunting Single ‘REPUBLICAN MARRIAGE’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

3 January 2020


Who: A Berlin’s darkwave band, originally formed in 2013 in Los Angeles, CA. After releasing their self-titled EP and extensive touring throughout the US, Night Nail
moved to Berlin, Germany and recorded their first album ‘La Demons’ released
in 2018. The group is now working on their second longplayer.

Pick: REPUBLICAN MARRIAGE – brand new single

Score: The threatening sirens like intro sets the gloomy tone of this spine-chilling
and spooky stonker from the very beginning. This is not a joyride. This is a painful
and haunting love song driven by a groovy percussion, minacious guitars, agonizing
vocals and an overall downhearted glow. A hypnotizing, nightmarish performance best experienced in the twilight hours.

Then she said
Why have you done this to me,
Felt nothing but jealousy,
Pulled trigger from a mother’s tongue,
Everyone is lost

Feel the agony in full here…

NIGHT NAIL: Facebook

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