Discover Passionate American Trio ARSON DAILY And Their Amplified Pop Single ‘SIGNS’…

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9 January 2020


Who: North Carolina natives, Zach Dunham, vocalist/guitarist, Quincy Platt, bassist, and Adam McLean, drummer, formed Arson Daily back in October of 2014. Over the last five years, the power trio has found themselves locked into an alt-rock, indie-garage sound reminiscent of the rage of bands like Cage the Elephant and Portugal the Man.

Pick: SIGNS – newest single from their upcoming debut LP

Score: The lines ‘Your letters in my pocket / I’m your favorite stalker’ suggest that ‘Signs
is about being obsessively in love. It’s a melodious and affecting pop humdinger that reveals its different layers with every spin. The song’s bluesy tone, the yearning vocals,
and the vivacious guitar parts match perfectly well and amplify the mixed emotions at play. This is high-quality songwriting. Richly arranged and romantically orchestrated.

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