Discover Up And Coming Swedish Guitar Pop Band DOLORIFICS And Their Two Latest Singles…

16 January 2020

Swedish guitar pop outfit DOLORIFICS from Gothenburg will release their debut album
on 24th January. Ahead of it comes fresh single ‘OH, DOCTOR‘. A sort of last help call by somebody with mental health problems but who can’t afford to pay a doctor. Sonically it’s a power-pop melody surrounded by melancholic guitars and affecting vocals. This highly promising foursome knows damn well how to write an enchanting tune that sticks as first-class glue. Their jangly sonorousness is both sensitive and sparkling. Stirring achievement!

Check it out for yourself right here…

And now we’re here I want you to listen/watch to their previous single too as this band’s songwriting potential is huge. ‘I LIVE IN SHADOW’ is an electrifying ripper injected with glowing riffs and punchy hooks, solid percussion, yearning vocals and a towering chorus.

Listen/watch here…


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