L.A. Pop Duo BEST COAST Shares Another Piece From Upcoming Album – Here’s The Dynamic ‘EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED’…

New sonic impulses

17 January 2020

Los Angeles‘ invigorating pop duo BEST COAST will release their fourth album ‘ALWAYS TOMORROW‘ next month. The first proper LP (they made a kids record in between) since their 2015 longplayer California Nights.

Last November they shared the feel good lead single The First Time’ (video below). And here’s another new piece called ‘EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED’. A dynamic and amplified power-pop knockout about learning to get past self-doubt and criticism. Only Bethany Cosentino‘ enraptured voice is already enough to get you in an elated mood. And she’s obviously exhilarated too as she sings in the chorus: “Everything has changed/ I like it this way/ Everything has changed/ I’d like for it to stay.”

Catch the euphoric vibe right here…

And here’s the video for lead-single ‘The First Time‘…

BEST COAST: Facebook

Artwork new LP ‘ALWAYS TOMORROW’ – out 21 February

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